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ZaoQiang Affable Fur Co.,Ltd

Our Products:
fur &leather garments, fur accessories, scarf, bag, cushions, shawl and so on. Besides that,our company also processes shawl , scarf, collar, fur ball, flower, various plates and so on. The processed furs can be made into plates, inners, zonker strips, fur collars, hats,scarves,fly tying fur ,hair&feather materials,fur overcoat,fur jacket,fur vest and gilet, etc; or by the clients' requirements. 

We are located in Duyan Zaoqiang Town of Zaoqiang County, Hebei Province, where has long been known as Fur Capital of China. Started since 1996, We are an well knowned fur products manufacturer with 120 experienced working staff in China. 

We are established good business relationship with customers in Korea,Australia, India,
Philippines, Romania,Finland,Poland,Danmark,Sweden, Canada,NewZealand South Africa, USA, Greece,and,based on our good quality products,competitive price and customer-first philosophy.

mink garment-fox skin--cat plate
FURGA RMENT------------------
---------FUR PELT--------------------------- FUR PLATE
fox fur blanket -raccoon fur hat -mink scarf
FUR BLANKET ---------------------------FUR HAT --------------------------- FUR SCARF
-fox collar -
FUR TRIMMING ---------------------------FUR COLLAR--------------------------- FUR CUSHION

mink fur cuff-fox fur headband -
FUR CUFF---------------------------FUR HEADBAND --------------------------- FUR EURMUFF

-- -

FUR HANDBAG ---------------------------MINK SCRUNCHIE ---------------------- FUR FLOWER

- -rabbit zonker strips


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